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Africans told to keep up vigilance amid spikes

2022-05-16 AI used to identify sweetness of melons at a store in Hainan Africans told to keep up vigilance amid spikes Trump national security adviser says US opposes foreign interventions in Libya American, Chinese scientists identify new chemical pathway of air pollution in China China quickly embracing VR amid tech boom Scientists make first high-temperature single-molecule magnet Microsoft sees first VR/MR incubator in China Man-made moon to shed light on Chengdu in 2020 China to develop intelligent stethoscope Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway nears completion China-Iceland Arctic Science Observatory inaugurated in northern Iceland Rains cause havoc in Sudan, frustrate efforts to fight COVID-19 World's largest amphibious jet tests water Seaplane to boost maritime capability, firefighting Africa hit by job losses as pandemic continues Mainland, HK cooperate on space telescope to search for dark matter Booksellers bear the brunt of school closures in Kenya African countries warned of political instability from COVID-19 China's Hainan Airlines launches Shenzhen-Vienna direct flight