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Chinese sci-fi animated film set to 'rescue' the Earth

2022-08-08 Typhoon Chaba bears down on Guangdong More sci-tech findings commercialized than ever in 2020 Three green development events to be held over next 2 months Major project of China's west-to-east power transmission program starts operation Top court leaves dwindling paths for Biden Investigation into false red health codes continues 4 die in crash days after trailer tragedy Concert celebrates 101 years of CPC Even brighter future beckons HK after 25 years of success Chinese sci-fi animated film set to 'rescue' the Earth Orchestra and violinists celebrate CPC's birthday Chinese police crack over 3,700 natural resource-related criminal cases Customs clearance eases for China-Laos freight Concerns arise as Thailand loosens COVID-19 curbs China's procuratorates file over 670,000 public interest litigation cases in 5 yrs Shootings at US schools hit 20-year high Stories of the Grand Canal hidden in a paper-cutting work in Yangzhou 5.1-magnitude quake hits China's Xinjiang: CENC Creator and creature